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Well I was never an academic achiever at school, I moved around a lot during my early years which seemed to help my social skills if nothing else.  Thankfully though, I knew from the age of 16 that I had at least one story to tell.  I just didn’t know when I would get around to doing it.

As a child I had a vivid imagination and at least some talent for sharing ideas and storytelling.  It was many years later before I finally found the confidence to write down the stories that were buzzing around in my head.

Now, far older, I’m a family man and I’ve mellowed a lot, it’s this mellowing which has enabled me to find the time for writing.  It is a great form of creativity and something which I am always looking to improve.  Best of all, for me, it’s a stress reliever and something I actually, genuinely enjoy.

As a Suffolk based author, life here is pretty quiet, which is good.  I live and work in Ipswich, England where I run a small IT Company that I spend a lot of time on.  I also spend a bit of time as a business mentor providing help and guidance to a few other local business owners who I get on well with.

My hobbies include martial arts and role playing, both of which I began at primary school and they have influenced my writing as well.  A late addition to my hobbies is Airsoft, which is a great adrenaline boost and if you haven’t done you should.

I’ve been thankful enough to be a member of Ipswich Round Table which I have been for a decade now.  During this time as a group we’ve helped a lot of local people financially and also with time and expertise.  It’s a great feeling and charity has always been something close to my heart.

My latest fancy in writing is the Suffolk Sentinel series.  It’s about modern day wizarding for adults, it’s got plenty of grit and a likeable lead character I think with some real potential.  In fact, this now has it’s 3rd instalment our now – entitled Dark Places of Control.  Plans are also afoot to take them to print as well.

The Plague Doctor (crime/thriller) is my first novel in print and I take inspiration from being an avid people watcher.  The book came out of reading a newspaper article in the Daily Mail and a sense of frustration at the British Justice system.  Another fiction title is the‘The Squire’ (epic fantasy) which is the first in ‘The Tales of Marilia Saga’ (currently available in eBook format) with ‘The Plague Doctor’ being in both formats and also on Amazon.

I also have several business titles published, including ‘The Company Starter’, ‘Marketing Guide for New Businesses’ and ‘Starting in Sales’ and a higher level book titled ‘Advancing in Sales’ all of which are out now and are based on my own experience in business and as an employee.

Finally, on Amazon and Smashwords you can find most of my work.  Even a short Sci-Fi series which I am particularly proud of.  The first in this range is called Interview Room 9 (Sci-Fi and crime), feel free to give it a look.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy writing it, it’s a great stress reliever.  Also, all my work is published under C P Sennett and if you read something of mine you like, feel free to get in touch.

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