Advancing in Sales

The follow on from Starting in Sales or for experienced sales people

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So you have been in sales for a couple of years and now want to give your career a boost. What do you need to do to get that higher level position and the salary and benefits that you deserve?

C P Sennett offers lots of practical and down to earth advice on both the skills that you will need and how to go after that more senior sales position.

Contents include:

– Motivation
– Why am I underpaid
– Where and how to find sales roles
– CV tips
– Interview advice
– Intermediate level telesales
– Face to face sales
– Presentation tips

and much more…

If you want to continue to climb the ladder in sales you need to take control of your career and understand what will get you recognised as a candidate for promotion AND how to earn more money while on the way.

Sometimes this may mean leaving your current employer if no openings are likely. If this is the case this book covers a lot of information relevant to this level about CV creation, interview preparation and many other things. Give yourself the best chance at the career you want through this eBook.

Advancing in Sales gives actual working examples from a profitable business owner, mentor, salesman and writer.