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A Very Shy Author


Hello and welcome to the important page of the site, the books. I was asked to create this page by my publisher to talk about me and the books I have written. I have been writing for only a few years and wasn’t a great student of English when I was at school. Over the years I have improved dramatically and thankfully a great editing team helps out a lot, proofreaders you are a hugely underrated resource in publishing.

I have been fortunate enough to have a good number of books professionally published (thank you publishers) and some I’ve published myself as they didn’t fit my publishers business model.  The reason for this is they are business help and career books so it’s fair to assume most companies, directors or business owners have a Smartphone or mobile device to read them.

The Plague Doctor is a modern day crime/thriller and can be found or ordered via any good book shops or as usual on Amazon etc.

The Novella Stories for the Suffolk Sentinel Series is my current project and one I am really enjoying.  Also, this year I am planning on doing a full length Cyberpunk style book to follow on form the successful and much loved Squad B Archives.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from many of your as the year progresses.

Short Stories

Interview Room 9 (Short Story 1 from The Squad B Archives) – From / or Smashwords

Operation Slingshot (Short Story 2 from The Squad B Archives) – From / or Smashwords

Bangkok 2032 (Short Story 3 from The Squad B Archives) – From / or Smashwords

Family Duty (Short Story 4 from The Squad B Archives) – From / or Smashwords

Novella Stories

Wizard of Our Time (Novella Series – Book 1 of The Suffolk Sentinel Series) – From /

Business Books

Starting in Sales – From / or Smashwords

Advancing in Sales – From /

Marketing Guide for New Businesses – From /

The Company Starter – From / or Smashwords

Full Novels

The Plague Doctor – (A Vanstone Novel, Book 1) From / or Smashwords

The Squire – (Book 1 of the Tales of Marilia Saga) From /

If you would wish to know more on work in progress or other books by C P Sennett please make contact through the site.