Happiness Called

Fingers type and tap at the screen,

Words of anger pass between.

As friends we fought and talked aloud

Now we text and email, no sound.

I wish I could say what I can type,

Face to face not just over Skype.

I struggle to find my voice each day,

Facebook stole it and locked it away.

We tweet and type as frustration grows,

We’re the phone generation, and none of us knows,

What future we have or how long we have got,

Our government’s managed to squander the lot.

So now we walk around all day,

Looking down unsure of the way,

But one thing is for sure, we do love our phones,

Despite the fact they make us….alone.

This was written about how we have all become a nation of people looking down all the time.  Phones reach us 24 hours a day either as call’s, news or social media.  Make sure you keep the art of human interaction alive as the best times you will have are with friends and family.  Also ensure it is a skill you pass on to your kids, they will thank you for it as it gives them a voice.

They will thank you for it.

By C P Sennett