Marketing Guide For New Businesses

If you are starting out on your own and want to make the right marketing moves – this is the book for you.

In the Marketing Guide for New Businesses you will learn:

marketing guide, new business, business book What Is Marketing – The marketing mix, micro and macro environments – what is relevant about them.  Who are the User, Buyer and Decision Makers and what different forms each can take?

Market Research – How much will you need and why?

Branding – SME’s can build brands, can I?  Credibility, logo and Web design pointers to get the right feel.

Pricing Strategy – Cost-plus, Premium Pricing, Market-Orientated, which to use?

Promotion – Networking, sales, leaflets, sponsorship? what do I need to know about each? Press releases and Editorial vs Advertorial?

Strategy – Corny, but with no plan you may be planning to fail….

Social Media – 20 social media tips that are so simple to adopt and actually work!  Simple to learn, free and easy to implement.

This book breaks down the ‘wordy’ talk of marketing and gives you simple and easy to understand points to consider, and apply. It helps you keep the goal in mind, money is what will keep your business going.  All too often people launch a business and it can be a steep and unforgiving learning curve.

Very few of us are in a job which gives us the full access to marketing, sales, IT, business planning and other skills and the clock is ticking.  This book is aimed at giving you some of the points to consider, in simple English so you can get your marketing up and running and then to build on it.

All taken from actual working examples from C P Sennett’s work as a profitable business owner, mentor and writer.  We hope you enjoy the Marketing Guide for New Businesses.

A book to follow this for established SME’s is currently in production and it’s expected release date Dec 2013.  If their are any specifics as a reader you would like covered feel free to email.