Do you use music when writing?

I’ve used music as an influence many times but I’ve also found it a distraction at times.  It’s odd how it pans out but at times it lifts me or sets my mind in the right mood and other times it puts me off and gets in the way.  Odd I know but I expect I am not alone here.

The Plague Doctor

I found when writing The Plague Doctor that it really helped and certain bands are mentioned (legally) in the book.  Again a big thank you to Thunder for letting me use the lyrics to their songs.  Songs which helped a lot with this book.  Roxette were also another band who I listened to a lot, especially in the early hours of the morning getting over the final hurdle.

Squad B Archives

Doing the Squad B Archives music helped a lot as well.  Mostly 80’s rock type stuff played its part as did a whole range of Iron Maiden, a band I really like.  I also listened to some more modern music like Pendulum who I think are also good for mood setting.

The Squire

I have some good Celtic type music which seemed to work well for this as it offered a more authentic fantasy type feel.  More so than just another rock or metal group.  This said I have a pretty wide selection of music tastes – well I think so anyhow but getting it right for your mind helps translate to better sentence structure and prose on the page.

Business Books

I couldn’t have music for these, it just didn’t fit and seemed to go out of its way to break my flow.  When trying to set a scene music helps but when you are trying to be analytical (for me) it didn’t work.  It was a no for

Short Stories – I am working on some horror type supernatural pieces at the moment and these work well with any creepy music soundtracks from films.  They help a lot.

It’s funny though as hearing the songs I listened to when working on the books sharpens the memory.  It just drags me straight back to the scene, how I was going to do it and what I eventually ended up doing.  You have to love music, it’s so powerful.

What do you listen to when writing and how do things for work you?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.