The Plague Doctor

A Vanstone Novel by C P Sennett

the plague doctor, crime novelA sadistic killer stalks the city of Green Valley Falls as fear grips the heart of the populace, the unusual nature of the attacks are kept from the media. Laurie Hood, a young man living a mundane life loses a friend to the killer and begins investigating the case himself. He quickly has to adapt to his new life as the killer widens his list of targets and as his reign of terror continues. Can one man make a difference? – Welcome to The Plague Doctor.

For people who like crime or thriller novels this should be an ideal read, it has great pace, realistic plot and is packed with very believable characters and events. The book showcases how a normal young man can easily be pulled into a dangerous and dual life.

The main character in The Plague Doctor is Laurie Hood and like any other young man his age he has a mundane job, a car he can’t afford to run and a lodger who is anything but considerate. The book is set in the fictitious city of Green Valley Falls, England, a relatively new city built to deal with the housing issues we hear so much about today. The trouble is Green Valley attracted more grime, crime and slime than anything else.

5* Review by reader central – (From Amazon) Read this I love it. The main character Laurie is believable and interesting
seeing how he develops into Vanstone, and why. The villain was fantastic and
very well crafted. I couldn’t put it down and I was really
surprised by the clever use of the media, it really worked for me.

5* Review by Jazzykaz – (From Amazon) Great read, flows so well and easy to read without getting confused. Chilling in parts and builds up the characters so you find you can understand them. Liked the use of titles for each chapter giving a feel for what is to come! Cannot wait for the next book, will definitely be buying it and would highly recommend The Plague Doctor…..well done C P Sennett.

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