Books by C P Sennett

Author of four business books

Welcome to the business section of the site, why did I write it?  Simply because being a business owner myself for over the past ten years you learn some interesting things, things you wish someone had suggested to you beforehand.

I have been writing for a few years now and some of the first stuff I wrote about was business books as I felt the experiences I had (almost all positive) were worth sharing.  In business (like writing) getting good advice is either hard or very expensive.  The problem is the world and the internet is full of rubbish and seeing the diamonds in the rough can be a real task.  The business world is full of accountants and business coaches offering advice they like the sound off and often it isn’t right.

So, if you are struggling out there drop me a line as I’m happy to help.  I’ve been there, ran profitable businesses and enjoyed a modest and good living from it.

My business books are

The Company Starter – From / or Smashwords

Wanting to start a business or just about too.  This book covers some of the key points to getting it right FIRST time.  It looks at my own experiences and how I set about starting a successful and multi award winning business.  A great film quote applies here (you know where it came from) but in my experience there is no such thing as luck.

Hard work doesn’t always pay off but with a realistic plan you can and will get there.

Marketing Guide for New Businesses – From /

A very simple guide for someone starting out in business or thinking of doing it.  This focusses on marketing, what to look at and what to avoid.  It looks at the SME market and is a real boost for those out there with a start up wanting to strike out and be your own boss.

Starting in Sales – From / or Smashwords

This book was aimed at people wanting (few do) or people who have fallen into a career in sales.  It has some helpful hints and tips as well as some honest truths on how to get ahead and to start your career.

It’s great for people just beginning in the big but lucrative world of sales.

Advancing in Sales – From /

The follow on.  This is for people who have had some time in the sales industry and who want to crank their career up a gear.  It lists some info on how to engineer that pay increase you want, how to manage your career and how to interview well in sales – something many overlook.

It covers sales practices and methods to help you improve your conversion rates.

I plan in 2015 to write another book following on from the Company Starter and also to continue with my sales books series.

If you are in business and interested to know a little more about how I work and why feel free to contact me through the site.