The Suffolk Sentinel Series

Fun sized stories about Eddie Holt, a modern day wizard battling the endless supernatural evils in England

Eddie Holt is the Sentinel for Suffolk and he is loosely charged with keeping the evils of the world under control in his area.  However, being part of The Order isn’t easy, it’s really not!  Wizards don’t really share knowledge or power and adding to that he is also covering Essex as well after it’s Sentinel was recently murdered.

Life as a Sentinel isn’t easy, especially when you’re already overworked!

Dark Places Of Control – Book 4

Available in eBook format – Print copies due December 2023

At last, Eddie is starting to get some answers but it’s becoming harder to spot friend from foe in the 4th instalment of the series.  Eddie is in hot water with The Order and friends as he begins to fight back and uncover the huge plot around him.

Buckle up as it’s going to be a bumpy ride for Suffolk’s own Sentinel!

Dark Places Of Control – Book 3

Available in eBook format – Print copies due December 2023

Eddie’s third outing is a bit more of a challenge as things are getting worse for him on just about all fronts.  However, he does his best work when things are not making sense.  Eddie is on the trail of an old evil in Suffolk, the Black Shuck.  A spirit which has bothered the county for a long time and he plans to tackle it head on!

Adding to this he is also under threat from other unknown forces which leaves him playing catch up when his life is already stretched.

Life is never easy for a Sentinel.

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Awakening The Red Claws – Book 2

Available in eBook and Print now – With an Audiobook due in 2024

In the second instalment of The Suffolk Sentinel, Eddie is back and up against it again.  The changes in his life have now taken root and adding to that he has made some new enemies along the way.

Now he is being asked to help mediate a dispute between the large Red Claw lycan pack from Kent and the main vampire house in Essex.  It seems an old power is about to tear into Essex and all that stands in their way is Eddie Holt and Kent’s own Sentinel – Malcolm Kelly.

It’s going to be a long few days for Eddie and Malcolm!


Wizard of Our Time – Book 1

Available in eBook and Print now – With an Audiobook due in 2024 

In the first instalment, you are introduced to Eddie Holt and the sleep-deprived world he lives in.  He is the Sentinel for Suffolk and this means his job is to keep all the evils from getting to us normal folk.  Or, as he puts it to at least stem the flow a bit.

Eddie is doing a job for a contact of his known as the Broker.  It’s a simple job, to find a missing young girl.  The problem is things seldom seem as easy as they first look in Eddie’s line of work.

Wizard Of Our Time book cover