Here are some cool facts that you may not know?


That Instant Coffee was invented in 1901?


Every time you see a full moon – it is always the same side you see?


Brazil is named after a tree?- The Brazilwood Tree


In France, a Pig was once hung for murdering a child?


The smallest bones in your body are in the ear?


Tomato Ketchup was originally sold as medicine?


Flies tend to live around 2 weeks?


The lizard, the Chameleons tongue is twice as long as its body?


Honey is the only natural food which never goes off?


Moths have white blood?


If you clap your hands a few inches above a fly you should kill it? – The reason is they fly up before they fly forward


The first comic book character was Namor the Sub-Mariner, it wasn’t released, but it was made in 1939?


The First Image Comic was Spawn?


The First DC comic hero was Doctor Occult?


The Dragonfly lives for just 24 hours?


Japanese people don’t traditionally have middle names?


Leonard Nimoy was the only actor to survive the pilot of Star Trek?


Jill Hennessy sadly came second for the part of Dana Scully in the X Files?


The Hyena can run his prey for up to 12 miles before making the kill?


Hyena’s have near primate level intelligence?


The crack of a bull whip is the sound of it breaking the sound barrier?


A turtle can breath through its backside?


Russia is the same size as Pluto?


An Elephant is lighter in weight than just the tongue of a blue wale?


The Hyena is genetically related to cat’s as well as dogs?


Horses and Rats are unable to vomit?


The cigarette lighter was invented before the match was?

“Bless you” is said when you sneeze because you’re heart stops for a mili-second?

Astronauts have a patch of Velcro in their helmets so they can scratch their nose?

An Earth day is actually 23h, 56m, 4s which is how long it takes to rotate on its own axis?

The oldest tree is estimated to be about 4600 years old.  It’s a bristlecone pine from California – just think it was well over 2000 when Jesus walked the earth?

Pluto isn’t even considered a planet anymore?

There is no wind on the planet Mercury?

Before the 80′s there were no TV remotes?