30 12, 2018

Update 2018

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My Blog Update for 2018 As you can see I’ve taken a break from blogging due to life and work in general.  However, I am now back on the case with this and I have been keeping busy as well.  So, you should see plenty more being added to this as the weeks and months [...]

5 08, 2013

Writers Block

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Writers Block Writing can be hard at times, those of us who do it often have scenes in our minds that we know will be excellent.  The hard part is getting it into the story realistically and telling it right. The other issue I find which is similar to this is a good story that [...]

30 07, 2013

Interview Room 9 – Free Sample

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Interview Room 9 From the Squad B Archives by C P Sennett  © 2013 A Short Story by C P Sennett ISBN 9781909133266   © 2013 Published by Ex-L-Ence Publishing a division of Winghigh Limited, Gloucester, England. ‘Interview Room 9’ is a work of fiction and any resemblance between the characters and persons, living or dead, [...]

20 06, 2013

The Boxer

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I sit on the stool, slumped in a heap My hearing has gone and I try not to weep The flash of the lights, the roar of the crowd But I can’t hear them, not even a sound.   My body is tired, my ribs are all numb I want to be elsewhere, at home [...]

9 06, 2013

Marvel Online Update

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Here is my Marvel Online update, the game has been live now for around a week and signs are that it's a good game with bags of potential.  Originally I reviewed it during its pre launch and as expected it WAS full of issues.  Thankfully the support team have worked hard to iron things. Marvel Online [...]

1 06, 2013

Marvel Online

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Marvel Heroes Online    Well I have been playing a bit when I should have been working on my next book.  On the face of it the game seems pretty simple and good fun.  You can tell one of the bigwigs behind it was responsible for Diablo 1 & 2 (great games in my [...]

24 05, 2013

How to write fight scenes 3

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How to write fight scenes in books Thanks for visiting the site, by now you should know the point of this blog set – simply it’s about how to write fight scenes. If you haven’t read the earlier two posts please do as it will help this one to make more sense. To do so, click [...]

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