The Squire

Book 1 in the Tales of Marilia series

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Marilia’s Kingdom lasted for over a thousand years and in its time endured many challenges. Its knights protected all within, serving as the elite backbone to the army of men. The churches of the land opened their doors as places of learning and comfort to those in need.

Then, two and a half centuries ago the Kingdom of Marilia collapsed. The self titled provincial lords took power, dividing the land to rule as each saw fit. These human tyrants continue to live to this day, as they have somehow achieved unnatural long life. The churches were pulled down, knights slain and the practice of magic in all forms was outlawed. All that remains for the people is hardship and oppression.

There is still hope, good will and courage lives on in a few. Vodin, a Squire of the god of strength joins a half elven wood collector and his cousin Arjan as they are swept up in a plot guided by an unusual priest. A chance encounter starts them down a path of magic & mystery that could change the shape of the world.

The Squire is a book written on a number of levels and aimed at lovers of a good ‘classic’ fantasy tale with plenty of sword and sorcery.

5* Review by JayukHaving read the book in no time at all (which is unusual for me) I loved

The characters are all different enough so everyone should find
someone they identify with and I also liked the support cast, which hint at big
things to follow. The use of magic was simple and well done as was the author’s
realistic take on combat.

The Squire is a
great read, so much so that my wife has now bought it as well!