Writers Block

Writing can be hard at times, those of us who do it often have scenes in our minds that we know will be excellent.  The hard part is getting it into the story realistically and telling it right.

The other issue I find which is similar to this is a good story that is just missing that final bit of WOW factor.

Both of these are big annoyances for me but I am firm believer in not letting the story go out until it’s strong enough.  It is a shame more movie producers didn’t adopt this train of thought.

I have a short story I am working on where I was missing that little ‘eureka’ moment.  Just the last blow to give it the killer punch it needed.  Then like most things, eventually, it came to me out of the blue and thankfully no more writers block!

Something I tend to do when I am stuck on a point is to use the local environment.  This is beyond the obvious who or what is around me.  I like to visit places in the region and I find it’s a powerful tool.  Even if it is disguised at times as a kids’ outing with Dad.

In Ipswich, where I live, it is quiet and rural here but there are plenty of things close by.  Walks, parks, beaches and great places to visit and lose yourself in.  Great for relaxing and clearing your head from the clutter of life and writers’ block.

There is a fair bit of history around me as well, I expect there is around you also.  We have Landguard Fort, a great place to visit for that war time feeling and also the towns and villages around Suffolk are pretty old looking and different parts are in keeping with various times in history.  Sutton Hoo is another great place for the Viking feel as are our great selection of medieval castles.  The region has some great ones to pick from.

The Towers at Landguard Fort, great for atmosphere.

The Towers at Landguard Fort, great for atmosphere.

As with most places there is crime here and places of crimes you can visit if you want.  A bit grizzly but in an earlier blog post I said how important research is.

Sometimes it can be as simple as walking out in the street at night as a change of backdrop (the dark night) can really give a different feel to your thoughts and ideas.

I like driving or walking in the howling wind and rain, it really gets me gently thinking about things. Then the ideas begin to flow.

Churches are all around us and these are also good for quiet thought and mood setting.  The library also, do some research there as you are more likely to find something new there.  If you’re anything like me the internet browsers can be a pain as they can soon sidetrack you into something else.

Have a look about you and get a feel for what is going on in your local area.  There will be more than you think and the chances of you finding that ‘eureka’ moment will greatly increase.  Sitting at your desk is nice but experiencing things, talking to experts and touching what you’re writing about, well there is no substitute for it.

A last point on this writers block, is it that or just the ideas you have are not exciting you enough?

“In order to write about life, you need to experience it. – C P Sennett”