Interview Room 9

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C P Sennett

 © 2013

A Short Story by C P Sennett

ISBN 9781909133266


© 2013

Published by Ex-L-Ence Publishing a division of Winghigh Limited, Gloucester, England.

‘Interview Room 9’ is a work of fiction and any resemblance between the characters and persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Interview Room 9

In 2032, crime is common and sentences strict. We are thankful that highly decorated police officers like Inspector Mayer, my commanding officer, are around to keep law and order. I’ve already dealt with two serial killers in my five years on the force and I have seen some of the worst that humanity has to offer.

The biotech companies had released their poison on the world and before you knew it everyone had subscribed to a changing world of cybernetics, DNA enhancements and real immersion virtual reality. Laws were hastily passed as doctors and technology companies needed to be licensed to protect the public. Then inevitably came the black market.

Foreigners are always given a hard time by the force ever since the open door policy that England had endured ended many years ago. However, in recent times it has become a close knit community of islanders again. The suspect in interview room 9 was Scandinavian looking and this was nothing like the random traffic violation it started out as. Inspector Mayer, my partner, had pulled a double shift covering an earlier colleague. He loved the overtime and decided to stay to interrogate our overseas lawbreaker. I’d arrived at work thirty minutes ago and was told they’d brought in a foreigner armed with a small arsenal of weapons in the boot of his car and not the normal kind either.

The suspect was pulled over for using an old style mobile phone while driving. Apparently, all he did was get out of the vehicle and put his hands behind the back of his head, ready to be taken in, not saying a word.

Inspector Mayer read him his rights and slapped on the cuffs.  He said nothing when asked but when Brandon, Inspector Mayers earlier shift partner opened the boot he nearly wet himself.

You can download the full story via Smashwords or or – The sequel is titled Operation Slingshot and out now.

Copyright © 2013 C P Sennett

Published by Ex-L-Ence Publishing