I sit on the stool, slumped in a heap

My hearing has gone and I try not to weep

The flash of the lights, the roar of the crowd

But I can’t hear them, not even a sound.


My body is tired, my ribs are all numb

I want to be elsewhere, at home with my son.

Anywhere is easier than just being here

But I am the master, controlling my fear.


No place for cowards, no time for the weak

This sport is the toughest, six days of the week

I walked past the crowd, ready to fight

Yet none of them saw me vomit tonight!


A sport of heroes, the time of kings,

I’ve worked so hard, each day in the ring

A tournament of champions, my time has it come?

This round is the twelfth…..I’ll know when it’s done.

I had the urge to write The Boxer after reading the latest boxing news.  We could be on for e great fights coming up in the next 12 months – Hopkins, Cleverly, Froch, Haye, Mayweather etc – they are all still fighting fit.  Also, sitting on the stool is a funny feeling I can tell you.

By C P Sennett